Honey Bee Haven

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These are quality boxes that will provide years of use and free bees.

Honey Bee Haven comes with:
  • High Quality Pine Box
  • Easy Tree Friendly Hanging System
  • 15' Ratchet Strap
  • Holds 6 - 9 1/8" Deep Frames*

Use this handy tool to capture bee swarms to start your beekeeping experience without the costly expense of nucs, or package bees. The box is approximately 18" tall and wide, and weighs 20 lbs. It will hold 6 standard Langstroth deep frames. It's the perfect size and the bees love the extra room in the bottom. Just attach the hanger to a tree, hang the box and enjoy the free bees.

*Frames not included. Product pictured is a non-painted, assembled box.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Shahin Babali
Bees taken away

The bees had made a large home at one of our trees. I called Terry Leggett and he came over the same day and got them go to a new home.
Terry was amazing.

Shannon Taylor
Bee Removal in Owl House

I just want to praise Terry for his knowledge and care of bees. I had a swarm in my owl house and he came at 9:00pm and removed them without any stress to the bees. It was such a calm experience. He texted me a picture of their new home this morning. Thank you Terry for taking care of the bees and insuring they live to pollinate somewhere else.

Chris Roath
Swarm of Bees on a tree

Wow Terry did a great job saving the bees today. He came out with his ladder and bee suit and helped lure them into a new home. 5 stars for Terry’s efforts and efficiency. Thank you!

Brandy Mullane
Quickly responsive

I had located a resting swarm of bees in my front yard tree. I reached out to these guys and they came over within a few hours and removed the swarm free of charge! Thanks a bunch.

Kevin Mitchell
Honey Bee Havens are a Must Have!!

I'm new to Beekeeping and quickly figured out getting equipment and information is readily available all year long, depending on timing getting bees isn't so easy.... I was introduced to Terry from Metro Beekeepers Association and Terry was a wealth of information and his Honey Bee Havens have been a lifesaver. 2021 weather has been brutal on bees but with two Honey Bee Havens out I've captured two hives in just a few short weeks. I've had 100% success and wouldn't have much going on without the Honey Bee Havens so get yourself several of these and you will have some fun, save some bees, and Get Free Bee's!!!